Summit Kids Academy is a preschool in Lee's Summit, MO that exists to establish foundations for kids that lead to both spiritual growth and academic success. 


What We Do

Summit Kids Academy is a state-licensed preschool for 3-5 year old kids in Lee's Summit, MO and surrounding Kansas City area. It's a Christian program that provides a preschool experience for kids that establishes foundations that lead to both spiritual growth and academic success.


We Believe

At Summit Kids Academy, we believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and everything we do points to Him. We believe it's important for kids to learn about God early on in life, building a foundation rooted in Jesus that will hopefully last a life-time. We are all about helping your little ones follow Jesus and find life!

We also believe that in this life stage, a child's education is important. At Summit Kids Academy, your child will be guided in activities that teach respect, cooperation, leadership and an ability to make good choices.


Our Team

All of our educators are passionate about early childhood education and have made a commitment to follow Jesus with their own lives.


Get Involved

Registration is now open for the Fall of 2019! Our preschool serves the community of Lee's Summit, located near historic Longview Farm. You'll find Summit Kids Academy on the corner of View High Drive and Chipman Road. Want to know more? Schedule a visit to tour the school and meet our teachers! 


hours of operation

Monday - Thursday
Late Start Wednesdays