About Summit Kids Academy



Our preschool serves the community of Lee's Summit, MO and surrounding Kansas City area. We are located near historic Longview Farm. The academy is located inside The Summit Church, on the corner of View High Drive and Chipman Road.

Summit Kids Academy is a place where 3-5 year old kids develop skills for academic success and a foundation for a lifetime of spiritual growth.



At Summit Kids Academy, you will find preschool classes designed through thematic units and learning centers as a framework for the learning process. In every classroom, your child will be enveloped in an environment that promotes a love of learning. Your child will be guided in activities that teach respect, cooperation, leadership and an ability to make good choices. Your child's teachers will promote respectful methods for taking pride in individual and group accomplishments and will encourage problem solving skills. All activities in the classroom are taught from a Christian perspective.


Classes focus their daily activities on:

  • spiritual growth through Bible stories, daily prayer and memory verses

  • letter recognition and sounds

  • developing handwriting skills

  • creating to develop their imagination and promote self-expression

  • moving to develop fine and gross motor skills

  • basic math including one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, graphing and calendar activities

  • social growth through respect for all individuals and loving behavior towards others

  • reading by instilling the love of reading through reading often

  • higher-level thinking skills including patterning, number recognition, predicting and counting

  • kindergarten preparedness


Lunch & snack time

Children should arrive after eating a nutritious breakfast at home and bring a sack-lunch from home to enjoy at our designated lunch time. You are encouraged to pack your child a snack as an afternoon snack time will be provided.